Villa Müller: Details

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Villa Müller is the museum of modern living that reflects the lifelong efforts of the architect Adolf Loos who sought perfection and effectiveness of housing architecture. In the context of history of architecture, this grandiose project of Loos is highly valued primarily for the remarkable and unique interior composition that originally plays with and combines the individual rooms. Special emphasis is put on precise processing of details. In addition to perfect shapes and details, the objects that are part of the architecture or interior furnishings must meet strict criteria of effectiveness: ‘… the degree of utility value, harmoniously connected with other parts, is called pure beauty’ (Adolf Loos). 

TitleVilla Müller: Details
Author/AuthorsMaria Szadkovska, Martin Polák, Markéta Othová
Publication date2007
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 123
LanguageCzech, English, German, French
Weight800 g
Dimensions140 x 150 mm
Recommended retail price361 Kč