Vanished Podskalí. Rafts and Ships on the Vltava

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A picture guide to the vanished world of Podskalí and its vicinity.

Receiving an award in the Gloria musaealis competition as the museum publication of 2005, the book takes the readers to the former streets of old Podskalí and introduces them to the life of the local residents, the crafts they did for living, their social life, and the gradually disappearing Podskalí in the early 20th century. It also presents the history of timber rafting and cargo ship transport on the Vltava as well as the history of the Prague steam powered transport of passengers from 1841 to the present which is documented by photographs of nearly all of the passenger steamboats that have ever appeared on the Vltava.

TitleVanished Podskalí. Rafts and Ships on the Vltava 
Author/AuthorsJan Jungmann
Publication date2005
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 109
LanguageCzech, english appendix
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Dimensions290 x 230 mm