A New City of Prague Museum at Těšnov?

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Těšnov designates a small Prague locality near a former important Vltava ford, at the border of the New Town of Prague and Karlín. There were many settlements in the Middle Ages; in the mid-14th century, the Prague fortification ran through this area. After its demolition in the 1870s, the modern station and museum edifices dominated the place. The call for the museum’s expansion resulted in an idea to use the former station; even after its demolition, the museum continued to see its future in Těšnov. Recently, the students of the Prague’s Faculty of Architecture (CTU) have presented their inspirational designs for a new museum building on the site of the former station. The past, presence, and future (?) of Těšnov combine in this book.

TitleA New City of Prague Museum at Těšnov?
Author/AuthorsPavla Státníková, Miroslava Šmolíková
Publication date2020
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
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Dimensions220 x 220 mm