Czech Medals of the 19th Century

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The publication, which is the second volume of an extensive two-volume catalogue (the first one was released with the title Prague Mint 1526–1856), introduces a vast collection of medals and seals in the collection of the City of Prague Museum that illustrates the Czech medal production from the late 18th to the early 20th century. The book includes medal descriptions, actual size photographs of their obverses and reverses, information about materials, dimensions, production techniques, and bibliography. Most of the descriptions include notes about the circumstances of their origin. The catalogue further includes short biographies of medal makers with references to further sources.

TitleCzech Medals of the 19th Century
Author/AuthorsJiří Lukas
Publication date2009
Publisher The City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 138
Weight900 g
Dimensions225 x 280 mm