Žižkov, Peculiar Balconies and Steep Streets

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Published as part of the long-running project featuring the suburbs of Prague, this photo book with more than four hundred pictures introduces the changes of Žižkov regarding space and time: from the settlement of several dozens of inhabitants in the mid-19th century to a proud and independent town with more than six thousand inhabitants at the end of the 19th century which became part of Greater Prague in 1922. The reader can take a notional tour through time and space of the growing Žižkov via postcards, photographs, maps, historical advertisements, and short explanatory texts. The book shows the life of the Žižkov inhabitants and the critical moments of its history as well as the local archaeological finds.

TitleŽižkov, Peculiar Balconies and Steep Streets
Author/AuthorsTomáš Dvořák et al.
Publication date2012
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 152
LanguageCzech, English appendix
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Dimensions317 x 230 mm
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