Vinohrady, A Good Quarter to Live In

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The book is the fourth volume of the long-running series of the City of Prague Museum about the suburbs of Prague. It presents a vivid and multifarious depiction of this remarkable area of Prague. The book takes the reader on a journey through time and space, from bygone times to the origin of independent Vinohrady, from the time there were only vineyards and agricultural land with many isolated homesteads outside the walls of Prague to the city’s expansion. The development of the noble borough of Prague can be observed in relation to the demolition of the Prague fortification to the origin of the solid structure of the city quarter with the regular grid of spacious streets and all attributes of a city.

TitleVinohrady, A Good Quarter to Live In
Author/AuthorsPavla Státníková
Publication date2012
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 153
LanguageCzech, English appendix
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Dimensions310 x 225 mm