Břevnov, Shadowed by a Monastery, Visible from Hradčany

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The book is the seventh volume of the long-running series of the City of Prague Museum about the suburbs of Prague. Historical photographs, postcards, prints, and other materials illustrate the history of the locality until the mid-20th century, thematically extending up to the 1980s. The reader will learn about this significant area situated nearby the oldest Benedictine monastery in Bohemia by taking a notional walk through the secluded places of old Břevnov. They can visit vanished areas (such as the Břevnov village green and its surroundings) and learn about the culture and rich life of citizens associated in fellowships, as well as of Břevnov’s typical crafts and pubs.

TitleBřevnov, Shadowed by a Monastery, Visible from Hradčany
Author/AuthorsJana Bělová, Renáta Kalašová
Publication date2016
Publisher The City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 172
LanguageCzech, English appendix
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Dimensions230 x 320 mm