Early Medieval Burial Ground in Prague-Lahovice

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The catalogue of the largest early medieval burial ground in Bohemia, uncovered during 1954–1960 in Prague-Lahovice, popularises outstanding findings based on the revised incomplete manuscript by the researcher Zdeňka Kumphanzlová and provides all available information from terrain research. Nearly 400 graves were discovered over seven research seasons in Lahovice; a large part of the book presents their modern anthropological analysis. There are also drawings, the overall burial ground plan, and reproductions of the remaining part of the research photo documentation as well as a CD-ROM with a non-authorised manuscript of the text by Z. Krumphanzlová and the electronic version of the overall plan.

TitleEarly Medieval Burial Ground in Prague-Lahovice
Author/AuthorsZdeňka Krumphanzlová et al.
Publication date2013
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
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