Prague as an Archaeological Site

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The book is the third supplement of the archaeological collection of the City of Prague Museum ARCHAEOLOGICA PRAGENSIA. It reflects the situation of current archaeological research of Prague – one of the exceptional archaeological sites in Europe.  

The book that focuses on the wider public interested in archaeology is based exclusively on the archaeological sources of Prague and pays attention primarily to research methods, possibilities of interdisciplinary cooperation, and the archaeological care for monuments in general. As a result, it shows a brand new and to a certain extant only little known aspect of archaeology and its processes that take place at the archaeological workplaces during terrain research as well as for months and even years after the findings are finished.

TitlePrague as an Archaeological Site
Author/AuthorsIvana Boháčová, Miroslava Šmolíková et al. 
Publication date2016
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
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