Villa Rothmayer: Details

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The publication, entitled "Details. Rothmayer's Villa" contains over 200 photographs of the interior and exterior furnishings and the so-called "magic garden" of Rothmayer's Villa in Prague, designed by architect Otto Rothmayer - a pupil and close collaborator of Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The authors of the book, together with a photographer and a graphic designer, created a precise scenario for photographing the details of the materials, natural features, and compositional elements of the building, among which the hidden corners and secrets of the garden cannot be overlooked, in an attempt to give the reader the opportunity to become intimately acquainted with the beauty of the details that this small family home of two important personalities of Czechoslovak culture provides us with. At the same time, the authors have tried to draw attention to the analogies between the Rothmayer villa and Prague Castle, where the architect Otto Rothmayer worked as the executor of Plečník's designs.

The concept of the book follows the publication "Details. Müller's Villa", which similarly treats the construction and interior details of the most important work of architect Adolf Loos - Müller's Villa in Prague.

TitleVilla Rothmayer: Details
Author/AuthorsMaria Szadkowska, Petr Krajči, Markéta Othová, Martin Polák
Publication date2022
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
Our codePU 217
LanguageCzech, English
Weight700 g
Dimensions140 x 150 mm