The Stone Bridge in Prague

The History of Judith and Charles Bridges in Pictures

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The sumptuous collection of historical depictions presents the past of this unique monument of medieval architecture and also commemorates the related historical events. The book includes the most comprehensive selection of the bridge images to have ever been published: the more and less important, hypothetical, disputable but always remarkable – both as a whole and in details. Moreover, this selected picture ‘gallery’ of Prague and its stone bridge illustrates the city history, the methods of the depiction of reality, graphic and painting techniques, and the taste of our ancestors.

TitleThe Stone Bridge in Prague. The History of Judith and Charles Bridges in Pictures
Author/AuthorsPavla Státníková, Ondřej Šefců, Zdeněk Dragoun
Publication date2013
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
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Dimensions330 x 250 mm