Villa Rothmayer: Guide

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The guide introduces the Břevnov villa of the Czech architect Otto Rothmayer (1892–1966), the pupil of the famous architect J. Plečnik, with whom he collaborated on some Prague Castle renovations. Rothmayer built his villa in Břevnov in 1929, having been inspired by Plečnik’s Villa Stadion. He adjusted the original Plečnik’s design but retained the typical cylindrical staircase. After Rothmayer’s death, his son Jan attended to the villa which was declared as a cultural monument in 2010. The book includes a photograph section, featuring all the interiors and the garden. The portraits of the architect and his family are also included.

TitleVilla Rothmayer: Guide
Author/AuthorsDaniela Karasová, Petr Krajči, Jan Mlčoch, Damjan Prelovšek, Zuzana Strnadová, Maria Szadkowska
Publication date2016
PublisherThe City of Prague Museum
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Dimensions170 x 150 mm