Muzeum hlavního města Prahy


Welcome to the website of the City of Prague Museum's internet bookshop.

The museum's publication activities focus on presenting the City of Prague Museum's collections which document the history and shape of Prague, and the life of its inhabitants both in the past and in the present.

Books can be ordered from us directly from our e-shop or via the following e-mail addresses: or

Publications are divided up according to categories which you will find in the "Menu" the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Click on whatever you are interested in and this will "open" a selection which includes more detailed information. 

For each book there is a picture of the cover, additional photographs, a short description, publication details (language, ISBN, size, etc.), and in some cases an annotation.

Sending parcels abroad:

1. We do not send parcels cash on delivery.
2. We charge for postage and packaging (the amount acording to the destination country and the type of parcel) and bank charges.
3. We always require payment in advance you have 2 options:

                        •   Card VISA, MasterCard (via GP webpay)
                                    You will be requested to pay via e- mail

                        •   transferred to our account (proforma invoice)
                                    Komerční banka a.s.,
account no. :        11835011/0100
                                    IBAN:                    CZ61 0100 0000 0000 1183 5011
                                    SWIFT:                 KOMBCZPPXXX

4. The seller shall not be liable for the loss of goods caused by the shipping company or at the post office or if the parcel has been stolen from the purchaser's letter box.
5. The purchaser is aware that when ordering goods he can, for a small surcharge, select the method of delivery:

  • An ordinary or registered parcel
  • A standard parcel economy or priority (for countries outside Europe a priority parcel is economically disadvantageous)
  • Method of transportation - by air or ship
6. The postage charge is individually worked out depending on the type of parcel chosen, the transportation method and the destination country.

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